I’m Richard. I am an obsessive book collector. I believe in a positive pluralism that is collective, transformative, individualized, and formed through persistent appreciation without conceding proper disposition.

This little project was years in the making. During my time as a African American literature student at an HBCU, I was turned on to space and place; mostly by my advisor and teacher, Dr. Valerie Prince’s book, Burning Down the House: Home in African American Literature. Little did Dr. Prince know that a footnote in her book would send me through an entire sub-field. Through my continuing feminist studies at later universities, I made the connection of feminist studies in relation to space and place and began collecting academic articles and books (mostly articles) either on the subject or related.

My intention was to eventually publish a survey on the relationship between feminist studies/feminist theory and space and place. Not an index or an authoritative guide, but just a survey. It occurred to me that one aspect or several might be useful to others, or even just an article that is a Goldilocks, just one of the right articles at the right time. This project may eventually be published.

You can learn more about me at www.richardjtilley.com. My other ongoing project is Post-Violence: Labors of Freedom: Biolence and Post-Violence Societies. If you support this project, feel free to buy me a cup of tea.

Camila Soato

Header image is “Imundas e Abençoadas 0, 2014″ by Brazilian painter Camila Soato